Ways to Make Your Clothes Smell Good

Wash your clothing often. The more you wear something, the more it smells. If you’ve worn something several times, don’t store it with your clean clothes, because that dirty smell can transfer to them. Keep your dirty laundry completely separate from your clean clothes.While some items should only be worn once before washing them, other items canbe worn several times before they start to smell. Try to wash sweaty or very dirty clothes as soon as possible after wearing them.

·        Leggings, shirts, socks, swimsuits, tights, camisoles, tank tops,and underwear should be washed after each wearing.

·        Dresses, jeans, slacks, pajamas, shorts, and skirts can be worn up to three times before washing.

·        You can wear a bra two to three times before it will need to be washed. Consider buying several bras, so that you never have to wear the same bra two times in a row.

·        You can wear a suit three to five times before it will need to be dry cleaned. Suits worn to clean environments, such as offices, can lastlonger between cleaning. Suits worn to smoky or smoggy environments will need to be cleaned more often.

Use scented laundry detergent or essential oils. Most laundry detergents have a fresh scent,but some are more strongly scented than others. Look for brands that advertise a specific scent on their labels. Always use the recommended amount of detergent. It’s tempting to pour in a little extra, but this can leave aresidue and actually cause clothes to smell bad. Ifyou’d rather avoid commercial perfumes, try adding ten to twenty drops ofessential oil to the washing machine during the final rinse cycle.

·        Make sure you like the smell before purchasing a scented detergent since they tend to be a little pricier. Unscrew the cap and give it a quick sniff in the store.

·        Experiment with essential oils to find your favorites. Don’t be afraid to combine different oils to create a custom scent.

Remove items from the washing machine as soon as possible. After running a load of laundry through a washcycle, try to take out your clothing quickly. Hang the items up to dry or transfer them to the dryer immediately. Leaving wet clothes in the washer too longcauses mildew to form, which can create a musty and unpleasant odor on your clothing. If you accidentally forget about clothes in the washing machine and they become mildewed, you can easily deodorize them with white vinegar.

·        Pour one cup of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser and wash the mildewed clothes again.

·        This will get rid of the bad smell, but if you want your clothes to smell good, you may want to follow that up with another cycle using detergent.




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