Everything You Need to Get Your Laundry Done While Traveling

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We're not here to convince you how great traveling is. You know it, you love it, and you're probably already itching to book your next trip. But as great as it is, one thing most seasoned wanderers can agree on is that having to do laundry on the road sucks.

If you’re lucky, your hotel might have a laundry service, but that can quickly get wildly expensive. And sure, in a quick pinch, there’s always the sink-wash method. Or, you could always just tote your entire wardrobe with you in several suitcases, not worrying about laundry until you get back to whatever chiropractic clinic you end up in.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be such a chore. With the proper portable tools and tact, you can keep yourself clean and fresh while you're out exploring, no matter what sweat, stains or mud storms might get in your way. Here are seven essentials that'll make it easy to clean your clothes (and keep them clean) while traveling.

A great bag to haul your dirty and clean duds separately

Nomatic 40L Travel Bag

It may seem obvious, but before you get into the nitty-gritty of easy laundry on the road, you need to figure out a way to pack and haul it all conveniently. That’s where a purpose-built bag or backpack comes in.

The Nomatic 40L Travel is big but still small enough to be a carry-on, can fit enough clothing for a three- to seven-day excursion, comes with a designated dirty laundry bag and, most importantly for resourceful travelers, comes with several different compartments for clothes, shoes, etc. (something that’s particularly valuable if your dirty duds are a bit ripe). All in all, it’ll provide enough room to pack the clothes you need and the organizational setup necessary to store emergency wash gear.

Price: $280

A simple solution for separating your soiled stuff from clean clothes

Herschel Supply Laundry Bag

If you're satisfied with your current travel bag and just want a way to keep your clean clothes distinctly separate from your smelly socks, a humble laundry bag is a fix. We like this particular option from Herschel Supply because it rolls up and packs easily. It measures roughly 24 by 16 inches, which means there’s enough room there to keep about a week’s worth of dirty clothes -- maybe two if you’re really conservative with your changing. No fancy frills or unnecessary details; just a clean, affordable, quality way to keep your dirty clothes separated from your clean ones.

Price: $19.99

The best way to quickly eliminate stains

Emergency Stain Rescue Wipes

Whether you’re backpacking through the Swiss alps or visiting your buddies up in Vermont for a weekend, laundry is going to be a pain in the ass, so as long as your clothes don’t reek you can probably get away with wearing them twice. A stain situation, of course, is a different story. Having a good spot stain remover to save you some time until you need to do a load is going to save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

These Emergency Stain Rescue Wipes are easily packable and can be used as needed. Just remove them from their packaging, wipe down the affected clothing, and let the magic happen. They’re a general stain remover, which means they work on everything from tomato sauce to engine oil and beyond.

Price: $12.95

The secret to thorough and reliable sink-washing

Do it Best Rubber Sink Stopper

You never realize how useful a hotel sink is until your hand washing a load of socks and underwear in it at two in the morning after a 10-day romp around some new and unknown locale. The one thing that puts a damper on that, however, is coming across a hotel sink that doesn’t have a stopper (something that’s obnoxiously common, particularly in cheaper accommodations). Or worse, you have a hotel sink that does have a stopper, but still lets water slowly drain (aka every sink stopper ever).

This simple “Do it Best” rubber sink stopper is cheap, packs up easy, and will work in every sink you toss it in. Just lay it out over the drain in your hotel room sink (or the sink of a road stop bathroom 30 miles outside Santa Fe on Route 66 because despite what you were told, the desert does get rain sometimes, even in the off season), and then boom — you've got yourself a washbasin.

Price: $5.53

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