Does Borax Help Make Your Clothes Cleaner?

Do your clothes come out of the wash looking less than clean? Here's a frugal fix for that problem. Just add half a cup of Borax to each wash load, and you'll boostthe cleaning power of your laundry detergent.

Six Benefits of Using Borax as a Laundry Booster

Borax will:

1.     Whiten Your Whites: When your washing machine fills up with water, Borax converts some of the water molecules to hydrogen peroxide, which is a whitening agent.This enhances the action of bleach, whether you add it separately or it's already present in your laundry detergent. If you don't like to use bleach,borax is still a good whitener on its own.

2.     Acts as a pH Buffer: Borax has a high pH. When you add it to water, it changes the pH to around 8 (a neutral pH is 7). This slightly alkaline pH is ideal for cleaning. Since borax acts as a buffering agent, it helps tokeep the water at this pH, even after detergent or other cleaners are added.For you, this means cleaner clothes.

3.     Softens Hard Water: Hard water prevents laundry detergent from working like it's supposed to. This keeps your clothes from coming out as clean as they should,and is often the cause for gray, dingy looking clothing. Since borax contains sodium, it helps to soften the wash water, so your clothes come out looking great. 

1.     Removes Soap Residue from Your Clothing: The borates in Borax work to keep soap dispersed throughout the load, so it's more likely to rinse out.Try washing your clothes in just water some time (no detergent), and you'll be amazed at how much detergent comes out of your clothing.

2.     Neutralizes Laundry Odors: Borax inhibits fungi and mold, which often grow in the moist environment of your washing machine and are notorious for giving it amusty odor. It also helps to get rid of ammonia odor in baby clothes, diapers,bed pads, and incontinence pads. If your workout clothes are super stinky, use Borax to inhibits the enzymes responsible for the bad smell.

3.     Disinfects Clothing: Borax inhibits many organisms, including fungi, mold, and bacteria.

4.     Increases the Stain-Removal Ability of Your Detergent: Pre-soak your laundry for 30 minutes in a solution of one tablespoon of borax per gallon of warm water or add 1/2 cup of borax to a pre-soak cycle. The alkaline pH of borax helps to break down acidic stains, such as tomato or mustard. It works well on grease and oil stains, too.


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