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Committed to providing the highest quality laundry services for restaurants and country clubs in the Dallas, TX area.

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Hotel Laundry Service

Using Restaurant Linen Services vs Laundering In-House

In-House laundering can be costly and eat up time that you, as an owner or manager, just do not have. By partnering with a laundry management expert, My Laundry Chute can give you back the time you need to focus on more important things.

Aprons, Towels, Chef Coats & More!

Our value is not limited to linen service, and we are able to launder other articles of restaurant laundry too! We also accept kitchen towels, bar towels, chef coats, aprons, tablecloths, uniforms, and any other laundry you may have. Schedule your first pickup today!

24 Hour Turnaround for Fresh Table Linens

Table linens have a short lifespan in the restaurant business, and can cause a buildup if your laundry capabilities aren't designed for bulk effectiveness. My Laundry Chute helps restaurants manage their linen supply by offering free pickup & delivery inside a 24 hour turnaround time, guaranteeing fresh linens for increased customer satisfaction. From fine dining franchise locations to family owned mom and pop shops, we can help deliver convenience and high quality laundering without breaking the bank. Create an account to start today!

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3 simple steps to clean laundry

Step 1

Step 1

Fill out our short online booking form to tell us what, when and where to pickup.

Step 2

Step 2

We pick up your laundry right from your own front door.

Step 3

Step 3

After cleaning and folding your laundry we return it to you on your schedule!