Medical Linen Service Near Dallas, TX

Laundry Management for Medical Facilities in the DFW Metroplex

Focused on improving the bottom line by efficiently providing hygienically clean bed sheets and healthcare linen for medical facilities near the DFW Metropolitan Area.

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Laundry Management for Medical Facilities in Dallas

Hospital Laundry Service

Laundry management can be very time consuming and expensive, especially with labor costs rising. Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, hospital laundry must be washed constantly to help infection prevention, and to maintain a hygienically clean environment. By partnering with a leading provider of quality and convenient laundry services, you can eliminate the burden of constantly maintaining your linen inventory from your hospital staff. Our drivers will pickup and drop off any laundry you need washed within a 24 hour turnaround time. Get started by creating an account!

Healthcare Linen Services

Medical linens are most likely the number one thing patients in your hospital come in contact with the most. From washing and drying, sleeping, or just resting, they are used for a variety of reasons. Improve the patient experience at your facility by delivering quality linen that isn't diminished by rushed laundry services. Schedule your first pickup today!

Quality Control

We understand the rigorous standard of cleanliness in the healthcare industry, and how to provide quality laundry services without breaking the bank. Our experts have the ability to provide high quality laundry services by making sure all textiles and fabrics are decontaminated. Start saving money and time by scheduling your first pickup today!

*My Laundry Chute uses a processing system that fulfills all health guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control, and OSHA.

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Step 1

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Step 3

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