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Professional laundry service for Universities and Colleges near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. Schedule your first pickup and delivery to start saving time and money today!

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Laundry Management for Medical Facilities in Dallas

Outsource Your Laundry Room

Washing load after load of laundry can be time consuming and costly, especially depending on how many washers and dryers are available to you. This is excluding special treatments as well such as using stain remover, needing dry cleaning, and making sure items are washed separately to avoid bleeding. With My Laundry Chute, you can cut down on your overhead and raise your bottom line due to our affordable pricing, and our pickup/delivery services. Our experts can fulfill custom requests, and will guarantee that all laundry will be cleaned properly and timely!

Working with Colleges and Universities

Between Clubs, Athletics, and Events, laundry can be a big undertaking for a College when keeping it in house. That's why schools all over the country are using laundry partners to consolidate their laundry efforts into trusted professionals. Our energy efficient washing machines can handle bulk and normal loads, as well as provide custom laundry requests for fabrics that require high heat or certain water temperatures. Create an account with us today to start saving money on your laundry needs!

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3 simple steps to clean laundry

Step 1

Step 1

Fill out our short online booking form to tell us what, when and where to pickup.

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Step 2

We pick up your laundry right from your own front door.

Step 3

Step 3

After cleaning and folding your laundry we return it to you on your schedule!